Sterling seniors earn Naval Academy nominations


  The United States Military Academies provide many opportunities for kids coming out of high school. The academies have several routes that allow kids to become an officer. In order to get into the nominated Armed Force Academy out of high school, students have to get a nomination from a state representative.

  Cheri Bustos is the State Representative for our district. The three Sterling High School students who received nominations this year were seniors Jack Graves, James Morris, and Kylie Nicklaus. These students had to meet with her representatives, who also went to the Naval Academy, in order to earn a nomination. 

 Morris shared, “The interview was good. Everyone during the entire process of applying, including the interview, made it as easy as possible. Although the process is extensive, when it’s broken up it can definitely be done.”

  If students want to join the program, the USNA Admissions recommends striving to be in the top 20% of your high school class to receive an appointment. Students also have to take the physical fitness test (Candidate Fitness Assessment). Being involved in extracurriculars helps boost students’ chances of getting nominated. 

  When asked why the Naval Academy meant so much to him, senior Jack Graves said, “I feel like I’ve always wanted to serve my country, but I’ve also always wanted to go to school to become an engineer. At the Naval Academy I’m able to follow both of those dreams and it is an amazing opportunity.”

  Some of the benefits of joining the Naval Academy include the Navy paying 100% of the tuition, room and board, and medical and dental care costs of Naval Academy midshipmen. In addition, all midshipmen receive $1,087.80 per month, which covers the cost of laundry, activity fees, barbers, cobblers, yearbook and other services, with an additional 100% post-graduation employment.

  Senior Kylie Nicklaus said the end goal for her at the Naval Academy is to “get a degree in engineering and graduate as an officer in the marine corps.”

  The Naval Academy has so many opportunities as it’s great to serve your country, get paid and get the expenses of your college compensated, The Naval Academy makes their decision on the nominees around April 15. Good luck to all students who applied.