New facility at Westwood


  The Wellness Center is a new addition to Building One, Westwood’s main building, that opened on January 31st.

   The Wellness Center amenities will now include five infrared saunas, four hydro massage loungers, two stand-up tanning booths, one spray-tan booth, one cryotherapy chamber, compression/recovery lounge with zero gravity chairs, and one Alter-G (anti-gravity) treadmill.

  If you have a total fitness pass or pay a drop in fee, then you will have access to the saunas, hydro massage loungers, stand-up tanning booths and the compression/recovery lounge. For spray tans, red light therapy, halo/salt therapy, cryotherapy chamber and the anti gravity treadmill, there will be a nominal fee. 

  This new center will provide support for those in need of recovery and rehabilitation. Even if someone does not workout or exercise, these new additions will ensure that Westwood is still user friendly, and that those people can still have a great experience. For example, people can go there and get a spray tan or salt therapy, as well as try out every other new machine that is going to be added. 

  This is beneficial for Westwood, as well as its customers. Westwood is going to be able to bring in more people with the addition of these amenities. 

  Westwood worker Kainan Echebarria said, “I am excited for the wellness center because it’s going to be a whole new experience and I can’t wait for all of the new machines.” 

   The new center is different from the gym because it has different equipment, and it’s not like the free weight area. The free weight area has machines and weights, while wellness is more focused on relaxation and recovery.  

  Westwood worker McKenzie Hubbard says, “I think it will add value to the gym by giving people access to services that can improve their health.”

  Adding the Wellness Center will satisfy current members, as well as attract many others who may not have a gym membership. 

  The Wellness center has been anticipated by many people and everyone is excited for this new addition.