Upperclassmen take next step with creation of resumés

Juniors and Seniors create resumés in their English 4 classes. This is a step in the right direction for many students.


Senior Antonio Tablante puts finishing touches on his resumé.

  For the upperclassmen of Sterling High School, the time has come. Job and college searches have begun. 

  With that being said, it is very important to have a great first impression in your interviews. Dressing professionally, a good handshake, and staying cool are great tips. Want to go above and beyond though? A resumé is sure to impress your boss or college official.

  A resumé is a document you create that has your credentials on it such as education, experience, awards, and more. You can feel free to brag about yourself.

  To make this process easier, the English 4 classes put together their own resumés. Senior Corey Olson was one of the students that participated in the creation of the resumés. 

  “It’s good to do something in English that we can use outside of class. It will be very useful,” Olson said.

  The fact students get to create it and have it readily available or to add to is just making life that much easier. English 4 teacher Jenn Thueson stressed how important and helpful it is to create thoughtful resumés.

  “This quarter in English 4 our focus is on success and resilience,” Mrs. Thueson said. “Students are preparing for success by developing strong technical writing skills through creating a resume and cover letter. Many seniors will utilize their resumes and cover letters when applying for colleges, scholarships, internships, and employment.”

  On top of the resumés, the students were also instructed to make cover letters that went along with their resumes. This as well can give you a leg up against other applicants. 

  Cover letters are short paragraphs or autobiographies. Things that would be included in a cover letter are similar to the resumé such as awards, education, and persuasion that you would be a great choice for their job or college.

  Even if you did not participate in the creation of the resumés or cover letters, it is strongly encouraged that you do so. First impressions are everything.