Crazy For a Cure


 The much-loved Crazy for a Cure is returning for its ninth year to raise funds for cancer research. Crazy for a Cure is a student council sponsored-fundraiser that takes place at S.H.S. during basketball season, thanks to student council advisors Nicole Schlemmer and Alexis Ruiz, as well as student council members.

The two nights bring many spectators to the games and bring lots of awareness to those who are fighting or have fought cancer in our community. For this, both boys and girls basketball each have a night where one of their games hosts the event. For the game, the basketball players and many attendees wear colored shirts to represent the types of cancer that people deal with. Many people show up to this event which is great. 

  Before the start of each game, the crowd will be asked to stand up if they have had or are dealing with cancer at the time. Players will bring each standing person an individual flower in the crowd that stands up. 

  There will also be a big bake sale throughout both games. From this, 100% of the proceeds will go to the CGH Cancer fund. Last year in 2022, $4,500 was raised and sent to CGH.

  Spectators can purchase a $15 tie-dye t-shirt and can donate any baked goods to go towards the bake sale. There will be 11 different colored shirts for the players to wear before the game and for the spectators to purchase. 

Pink- Breast 

Navy- Colon 

Orange – Kidney 

Lime Green – Non Hodgkin’s-Lymphoma

White – Lung 

Purple- Pancreas 

Light blue – Prostate 

Black – Melanoma 

Teal – Ovarian 

Gold – Childhood 

Rainbow – All cancers 

Crazy for a Cure will take place on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, during the girls’ basketball game against Galesburg. The same event will be held on Friday, February 10, 2023, during the boys’ basketball game. Plan to attend one night or both!