Technology predictions for 2023


 2022 was full of emotions and big moments. There was a lot of good and a lot of bad per usual. We are now onto a new and greater year. 

  Like every year, 2023 is guaranteed to be full of surprises. There are plenty of predictions on what is going to happen. 

  Technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day. There are predictions of advanced technology in 2023 which has been the case every year. 

  There are predictions that AR glasses will outgrow VR headsets. The glasses would be like the VR headsets but mixed with reality as well. The real world and the virtual visuals will be mixed just like in the futuristic movies. 

  The glasses could have voice activations and easy button control. These glasses could be a big and exciting jump in our future. 

  A funny but possible prediction could be no more shoelaces! There are multiple slip-on shoes and even self-tightening shoes. 

  The Nike Adapt BB is a basketball shoe that tightens with an app on your phone. You can control the tightness of the shoe by pressing a button on your phone that is synced to the shoe. 

  Sophomore and varsity basketball player Kaedon Phillips said, “Their features are nice, they are quick and easy to use and I think they could be convenient for some athletes.”

  There are also shoes like the Nike Air Mag which is a multi-thousand dollar shoe. It has the same tightening idea as the Adapt BB. Sophomore boy Maddux Osborn says “The Adapt BB style wont take over shoelaces because people like to style shoelaces differently.”  

  Robots have become a popular topic over the years. Robots have already taken over through our phones, computers, TVs, and even some refrigerators. Sophomore Lincoln Davis said, “Robots right now are not very smart yet but I think in the future the robots are gonna be very smart and sorta run the world.”

  There are predictions that eventually robots will take over common jobs and leave some people jobless. Scientists are able to program robots to do specific things. Things that humans can also do. Bosses and owners might be all in with benefits for them.  

  There are even robotic soldiers that are being worked with to be able to defend and fight. Senior Mateo Vasquez says, “Robots are the future of the world and will be a big part of it for good and bad whether us humans like it or not.”

  Technology is a big part of today’s future and could make a big difference in the year of 2023.