Seniors reflect on COVID impact


  Covid-19 has affected other classes differently, and this is how it affected the class of 2023. The class of 2023 started freshman year off normal, we had homecoming like usual and we had the activities a typical high school would have. However, by the end of freshman year, everyone was learning through Zoom and e-learning.

  We asked different 2023 seniors how COVID has affected them during high school and these are their responses.

  Senior Braden Hartman said, “The Corona virus took away my freshman baseball season, and I really wish I could have it back.” Other sports, along with baseball, got their seasons cut short. Softball was hoping to play, but they got canceled just as official practices started. 

  Sports weren’t the only experiences that did not occur due to COVID.

  Senior Abbey Halsne said, “Covid took away many high school experiences. Freshman year was hard, considering we could only go half of the school year. It has made me want to participate in all activities and go to all school events that I wasn’t able to go to freshman year.” 

  That feeling of not wanting to miss out on experiences is felt by many. 

  Senior Olivia Neiderman stated, “COVID hit during my freshman year of high school. Before I went to Sterling, I was educated in Rock Falls up until high school. I was so excited to have new experiences and make friends coming into a new school. My friend convinced me to join soccer. This was one of the best decisions that I could’ve made looking back at my high school experience. I made so many long-term friends and learned so much about what it means to be a warrior. Although my season was cut short due to the Covid virus affecting my year, I still made the best out of it. I learned so many new things about remote learning, and over the past four years, I have really learned to appreciate all that our teachers sacrifice for us students. I understand that the virus has affected many people in negative ways, but I appreciate all that it has given me as a person. Going through Covid has made me grow not only as a student but as a person.” 

  Many people would agree with the seniors that the loss of their freshman spring sports season has helped them to cherish their sports seasons more during their junior and senior years.