Service learners serve others and earn credit


  At Sterling High School, service learning is a class where they assist teachers and other staff member. Service learners are allowed to travel to other schools nearby, such as Challand, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Franklin. 

  Service learning students are allowed to pick their placements. Students ask for a school and a teacher they want to go to, and the teacher will request them back. For the first week or so, they adjust to what times are best to come and go for service learning.

  Students are required to do whatever the teacher asks of them. Most teachers ask for students to print or pass out papers, while others may ask to take attendance or help certain students.

  Service learners are also allowed to hand out passes as another form of service learning. Some service learners have an assignment from Andi to hand out passes from the main office. Service Learner Ibraim Redzepi said, “I started to realize the kids looked up to me, and they followed after almost everything I did.”

 Service learning allows students to become a leader. They are paving the way for younger kids to be successful students in the classroom. Not only that, they are developing themselves by actively participating to help others that way they can be great. 

 Service learning adviser Darci Francis said, “Handing out passes for Andi really helps her out, because it gives her time to get her work done.”

 Students can help younger kids with showing them how to properly solve math equations, as well as helping students with reading comprehension. Teachers they service learn for may ask you to teach the class as a whole that way students see another form of learning. 

  Participating in service learning will also make the student look better as a person. When they are applying for a job they may ask if they have ever participated in helping the community, and this is a great example.

 Overall service learning is a great way to help others succeed, and to also be successful themselves. There are various ways to be a service learner, but the best way to service learn is when you are helping out the community with educating younger students.