Entertainment Review: “SOS” by SZA


 2022 was a year full of new albums from Drake, Gunna, Youngboy, and my personal favorite, SZA. “SOS ” is only SZA’s second album she has released in her singing career. The album was released on December 9, 2022.

  The album has 810 million clicks on streaming services. SZA is an R&B/Soul artist who began creating music in the early 2010’s. Peeling back the core of this album, you will see she is very vulnerable and brutally honest when it comes to her lyrics. 

  As her second major project since the classic “Ctrl”, she adds pop-culture references to her already amazing lyrics about growing up. An example is her album cover that is a tribute to a famous image of Princess Diana sitting at the edge of a diving board, symbolizing her feeling of isolation. 

  The most popular song on her album is “Kill Bill”, the title references the iconic Kill Bill film directed by Quentin Tarantino. The song lyrics discuss SZA’s fantasy to kill an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend out of jealousy. I think this is the most popular song because many people can relate to this feeling and level of jealousy. 

  Another popular song on this album is “Ghost in the Machine” ft. Phoebe Bridgers who is an American singer-songwriter. Phoebe Bridgers is also very popular and I think people enjoy seeing their favorite artists collaborate.

  This song is about SZA not feeling human in the music industry and how it is meant for a machine. SZA always has deep meanings to her songs and I think that is why people enjoy them. 

  Other featured singers on the album are Don Toliver and Travis Scott, also huge artists in the industry who grab listeners’ attention.

 If I had to choose my favorite out of this album it would be her song “Low”, which is about keeping her meetings with a guy on the low because she does not want anyone to know about them. It is a more moody upbeat song by SZA. 

  I would recommend anyone listening to this album. I think the vast majority of people could connect to at least one song and would most likely find enjoyment in the entire album.