Winter Trends 2023


 Many people have different styles and trend likings. In 2023, trendy styles are accuring and reoccurring. If you are looking for a new style in 2023, this is for you!

  Stanley Cups are a new trendy cup, similar to the Hydro Flask. Stanley Cups can keep your drink cold for 11 hours, hot for seven and hold ice up to two days. 

  The cost ranges from $30 – $40 depending on the size you choose, 30 oz or 40 oz. There are many different color options to choose from. This cup also has a handle and a straw, which many tumbler cups do not. Junior Hailey Bielema states, “I love my Stanley cup because it makes me drink a lot of water and it’s pink.”  

  An advantage of the Stanley Cup is that it fits in the cupholders in a car. However, a disadvantage of the Stanley Cup would be the heaviness and that it is not leak proof. 

  Nike dunks were a popular shoe at the end of last year, with most people asking for them for Christmas. Nike dunks come in a variety of colors and different styles. The price ranges from about $130 – $300 depending on if you get them for retail. 

  Nike has sold out of a lot of Dunks because of how popular they are. You may think many people would not pay that much for shoes, but believe me for Nike Dunks they would. 

  Lululemon belt bags are a pretty popular accessory coming into this new year. Belt bags are a small bag that holds everything you need while being attached to your body. These are perfect as you do not have to carry items in your hands. 

  Lululemon has been restocking their shelves frequently, but as soon as they hit the shelves these bags are sold out. Belt bags come in a variety of colors, they even also have fuzzy ones. They cost around $30 which is a reasonable price. Sophomore Hailyn Check-Garza states, “My Lululemon belt bag is useful to me because it carries everything I need and it’s never in the way with it being on the side of me.” 

  Ugg slippers have always been a popular thing, but in 2023, many people have started wearing platform slippers. Platform shoes have been a new trendy style that I think will keep occurring during this new year. The price of Ugg slippers varies from $100- $140. 

  Ugg slippers are very comfortable and can be trendy in many different ways with different outfit styles. 

  A new trendy style is the bottoms of our pants expanding like bell bottoms or flares. Baggy jeans are coming into style, as seen in mom and dad jeans. 

  Baggy pants are both cozy and trendy. You can dress them up or down depending on how you feel.

  Drunk Elephant skin care is a new trendy skincare product that grew popularity from social media. Influencers raved about Drunk Elephant skincare on TikTok. 

   The price of Drunk Elephant can vary from $18-$80 depending on which product you choose. Drunk Elephant avoids any harmful ingredients and is for all skin types, especially good for sensitive skin. 

  There are many different new trendy styles coming in, but if you are looking for something new and trendy this might be for you.