Unwanted Christmas gifts? No problem!


S.H.S. Christmas tree located near the compass. S.H.S’s holiday spirit is always high as they always decorate festively.

  With Christmas now being over, we may or may not have received gifts we were not in favor of. Instead of letting them collect dust on the shelf, here are some ideas on what to do with those unwanted Christmas gifts!

  Donating: Donating is a smart idea for an unwanted gift. It gives the gift to someone in need. You can donate items to local thrift stores or someone you know.

  Regift: Someone may find your unwanted gift to be useful. You can save an unwanted gift and give it to someone who has an upcoming birthday. Re-gifting a present ensures someone makes good use of it. 

  Sell: Although this may sound wrong, why not sell that hoodie to someone who will wear it. This allows you to make money. You can sell items on ebay, facebook marketplace, depop, or any marketplaces.

  Return: If the person is kind enough, they might leave a receipt with the gift. With the receipt you are most likely able to return the item. Returning involves getting store credit, getting money back, or being able to trade the item for a different one. 

  Repurpose: If you are a crafty person, you can always repurpose the gift and make it into something new. Whether it’s cutting those jeans or leggings into shorts, or turning that long sleeve into a short sleeve There are many different ways you can repurpose gifts into something you’ll use.

   Some might feel too guilty to do anything with unwanted gifts while others may take the tips I listed into consideration. 

  Receiving unwanted gifts isn’t unusual. Sophomore Pricila Lopez Lopez said, “When I receive gifts I am very thankful, but one Christmas I remember receiving a sweater I knew I wasn’t ever going to wear. So instead of letting it sit in my drawers, I gave it to my younger sister, knowing it was more of her style.” 

  There are many different ways to make the most out of your unwanted Christmas gifts. You do not always have to feel guilty about not liking the present.