How to declutter your world


  When trying to declutter your world it can be seen as a relief, but also stressful at the same time. There are many methods to completing this process. You may need to declutter your phone, room, closet, among many other things.

  Before beginning anything you should make a checklist of all of the things that you are wanting to complete. A checklist can help you stay on task and be reminded of what needs to be done. When you start the process of decluttering, focusing on one thing at a time is a necessity. 

  When cleaning your room, you should focus on certain areas. It can make the process more efficient, although getting rid of the clutter can be difficult. 

  Junior Yana Ibarra states that she “starts by organizing my clothes, then I throw away any trash in my room, and take out that trash. Making my bed is a good way to declutter my own room.” 

  A clean room has many benefits as it can reduce stress, can improve sleep quality, and so much more. 

  Some people find it extremely hard to let go of their belongings. Donating or selling these items can help move along this process. It is better to do this than throwing stuff away. 

 Another way to declutter your life is by clearing out your phone. There are many ways to declutter your phone. A good way to do this is to delete all the apps that are not needed. Doing this will also help increase your storage. Opening and going through all your notifications can lessen the amount of unnecessary stuff on the screen. This means opening emails, going through texts, and any other app notifications. 

  Junior William Howard reveals that he deletes old pictures that he doesn’t need in order to save storage on his phone. Pictures tend to take up a lot of space in the iCloud. Howard now has about 913 pictures in his phone. 

  Deleting pictures is just one way to declutter your phone. Being mindful of notifications and apps on one’s phone is another way. 

  Freshman Grace Wetzell shares how she “turns off my notifications on my apps to avoid the clutter on my home screen.”

  January is a great time to declutter your world. It just takes one step at a time.