Tablante attends the All-American Bowl


Senior Antonio Tablante and another prospect pose on the Dallas field. The bowl was an invite-only event for high school football players who are looking to play in college.

  S.H.S. senior Antonio Tablante, a potential division one football player from Sterling High School, recently received an invitation to the 2022 All-American Blue Grey football game. The invitation to the event was not surprising as Tablante has earned impressive stats throughout his football career. He received the invite from a college recruit.

  The All-American Bowl is a prospect camp for players to get national exposure from colleges. This event took place in Dallas, Texas, in NFL team The Dallas Cowboys’ stadium. The event was sponsored by big brands and networks like Gatorade and ESPN. 

  In the program there are many NFL veterans. Some players like Arlen Harris (a six- year veteran), Troy Brown (a three-time Super Bowl winner), Ray Crockett (a three-time Pro Bowl player), Byron Evans (Eagles defensive team captain) and other NFL veterans. Doing well in front of these veterans gives a player a higher opportunity to get recognized and sends out information to college coaches.  

  In the event, there were 16-minute quarters so every prospect got to get in. Players played with helmets and full pads and played like a normal tackle football game.   

  Tablante stated, “Recruits from all over America were there and college coaches were also there scouting.” 

  Tablante says he enjoyed the event and described it as “chill.” Tablante played linebacker in the event, and he also played this position during his high school season.  

  Tablante also shared, “The game was much faster paced than a normal high school football game.” 

  Tablante’s is earning more recognition by the day and S.H.S. is proud to have Tablante as a part of our community and sports programs.