Upperclassmen give advice for finals


Senior Shea Hansen gives advice to a freshman to help with finals. With experience on their side, seniors often have good advice to give on the subject of finals.

  Finals are stressful for everyone, however, upperclassmen are able to give advice to the younger students because they have been through many of the same challenges.

  Some advice for underclassmen would be to create your own study guide and organize well. The teacher’s study guide can be confusing for most people, so create your own, like a quizlet or booklet.  Creating your own study guide will help you because you made it yourself and are familiarizing yourself with the material as you create it. It may also help you to study with a friend over facetime or share study guides. 

  Junior Jacob Brown says, “Don’t stress over finals. If you don’t do well on one, it’s okay. It’s most likely not going to hurt your grade too much especially if you study the basic knowledge.” 

  Do not overthink them too much as you will do good if you study. It helps a lot to know what’s going on in the class as well, so if you pay attention in class all semester you’ll have less work and assignments to do before finals. 

  I would also suggest switching up your strategies. If something works for you in one class it might not be the same for another. Get to class on time, don’t do any last minute review. Such as rummaging through your notes right before the test.

  If something is confusing, ask questions before you are on your own. While you are studying, quiz yourself, that is a good way to remember things and guarantees you know the material. Another tip is taking small breaks while you study, this will help you to not get overwhelmed and stressed out. 

  Before you take finals make sure you get some sleep. Do not be up all night studying. You also should eat something in the morning to give your brain power. 

  To help yourself do well during finals, get in the habit of studying. If you need a little extra help before the test, ask your friend or teacher for help and do not be overwhelmed. Rest up and make sure you feel good to take your tests, plan your day out and be confident.