Golden Warrior TV provides one-of-a-kind experience


Seniors Zachary Shapero and Braden Hartman announce their first Sophomore basketball game. They did an excellent job!

  Streaming Sterling High School activities has never been easier. The Golden Warrior TV broadcasting service allows users to watch any game or concert live or on demand. All one has to do to never miss a game is pay $79.99 per year or $11.99 a month.

  The behind the scenes action and effort of the GWTV productions crew is hardly recognized. Broadcasting events for Sterling Public Schools, specifically Golden Warrior Athletics, takes skill and dedication. Being a member of this crew lets students really experience the up-close environment of each event.

  According to Jim Spencer, “I hear comments like, ‘why can’t we have what Sterling has?’ quite often.” 

  GWTV could not happen without our great crew members Jim Spencer, Josh Olson, Kyle Morgan, Matt Gingrich, Braden Hartman, and Zachary Shapero and many others.

  This is a team full of opportunities. Each position serves a purpose, and they all come together to produce content. 

  “I feel as though most kids get a part-time job at some place just to earn some money, and this is nothing against them. I feel as though everybody should do something they love for a job,” said Shapero. 

  Working for the GWTV crew comes with many responsibilities. Videographers like Olson and Shapero do tech work along with video recording. There’s also what everybody recognizes most, the live announcing that this crew does a fine job of doing. Every member does their part to provide great service for this community.

  With the new four-sided scoreboard installed, GWTV has also successfully managed to install a replay camera. This is one of many significant add-ons that Sterling possesses. There is a noticeable difference when comparing GWTV to other schools’ streaming services. 

  Spencer said,We are all proud to be able to offer a service our fans seem to enjoy. It’s exciting to be a part of a team that wants to be great, touching base on how much he enjoys doing what he does for the community.”