Time for something new

Seniors try new sports before leaving high school


QuarterBack JP Schilling runs with power towards the touchdown. Schilling had 100 plus rushing yards against Rock Island.

  This year there are many athletes who are playing a new sport, or returning to the sport for the first time in high school, especially juniors and seniors because their high school years are almost over.

  Although he played before high school, first-year high school football player John Schilling says, “I really wanted to do football because it was going to be with my best friends. This year went very well even though it didn’t end how we wanted it to. It was still a great experience.”

  First-year high school basketball player Kael Ryan says he chose to play basketball because “my freshman year I was unable due to injury.” Ryan also adds on, “We have potential to be one of the best teams in this school’s history.”

  Sometimes the pressure that comes upon those people who join a new sport, especially on varsity, is quite high. You want to make the best version of yourself, not only for yourself, but to help out the team. It is necessary to train and possibly add new workouts in order to adjust your physical fitness to what that sport requires. For example, basketball, you’ll have to train and get as many practice shots in, and practice dribbling the ball so that you are prepared to play.

  Entering a new sport is like entering a new atmosphere, you have to adapt to the new environment. It also brings you new competition, even possibly having to compete for a starting position on the team, which means you need to outwork everybody else on the team to get the spot. 

  Joining a new sport for the first time can come with many different experiences. While this switch to a new sport can be stressful and overwhelming, it is worth it to get the chance to try something new.