This or that: Christmas edition


 There are many ways to spread Christmas cheer through the holiday season, including decorating with lights, setting up a Christmas tree, and selecting gifts for others. Although popular ways to spread Christmas spirit, these activities are not without a little controversy as many are unable to agree on the “right” way to do Christmas.

  People tend to feel strongly about the color of lights they use throughout and outside of their house. When white lights are put on the tree or houses, it can add a subtle shimmer and bring out the other decorations that are present. Some people think white lights are just too simple. When colored lights are involved, they can overpower everything else and take away the spirit of the other ornaments and decorations. The colored lights can add a pop of color to anything.

   Senior Addi Boyle would rather have white lights because “it looks clean and classy and it’s the ultimate white Christmas”.

  Also, deciding between a real or fake tree can be hard for some families. The joy of going to a farm with your loved ones to pick out a special tree to use for the holiday season is such a most memorable experience. The down side pertaining to a real tree is the care that is needed for them. These trees need water daily and they leave behind a mess of needles.

On the other hand, a fake tree can be easy to throw up every year for families that do not have the time to care for the tree. Fake Christmas trees also can be reusable every year. The downside is that these types of trees cannot be recycled when people throw them away. Social studies teacher Nolan Baker reveals that he rather have a fake tree as “it doesn’t shed as much.”

  Around Christmas time, people all around the world are rushing to get presents ready in time for the big day. Now it is time to decide if you should buy a gift or stick with a homemade gift? Buying a gift can become a little pricey and take a toll on the bank account. Although, it is an easier way to get everyone what they want and does not take a lot of your time. A homemade gift can take a little more time than usual. But it is the thought that counts and can mean a lot more to the person than just buying a gift from the store. 

  Freshman Mya Lira thinks store bought gifts are the way to go. “Who has time to make homemade gifts?” Lira shared.

  The holiday season is all about embracing and spreading joy to others, no matter what your preferences are.