Entertainment Review: “Modern Warfare 2”


  “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” has been a staple in the gaming industry for many years. “Modern Warfare” is a video game that is available on many platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The video game has many pros, but there are some pretty big cons.

  Some good points of the game would include the graphic design which is more advanced than most other games. Another part of the game numerous players love is their unique campaign. It is a fast-paced thriller with a bit of plot twist that players tend to love.

  “Warzone 2” in addition to the new COD was another big hit within the game that also added a feature called “proximity chat.” Proximity chat is what countless players have been waiting for which is an extension of the in-game chat system, which allows players to hear each other when they’re coming within a certain distance of each other.

  Some cons of this new game is it’s time to kill, the leveling system of guns, and the maps. The time to kill is how long it takes to kill another player and countless users dislike how fast it takes to kill another player. The way players level up guns is also quite abnormal with the user having to upgrade a whole different gun in order to unlock attachments for separate guns. Compared to the other “Call of Duty” games, it has a strong core but needs some polishing to be one of the greatest.

  Users voted that this new “Modern Warfare” was one of the top games compared to all of the past COD games. This game has been a big hit so far, mainly due to its varied “Call of Duty” experiences and then some. Players who enjoy COD would say the game is worth more than what it is. There is also a bundle you can buy when you purchase the game that is going to cost more, but people are willing to buy extra cosmetics and other things when they play the game. 

 Through all of the good and bads of the game, players would say “Modern Warfare 2” is well worth the money.