Entertainment Review: “Wednesday”


  “Wednesday” is a newly-added show on Netflix that came out on Nov. 23 that actually fell on a Wednesday. If you don’t have Netflix, you could always ask a friend to use their account but for your own account it is anywhere from $6.99-$19.99 depending on the plan you get.

  The show is labeled as both comedy horror and supernatural fiction genres.

  It follows Wednesday Addams who is transferring to a school for outcasts called “Nevermore” since she just previously got expelled from her old school. Nevermore and the small town connected with them, Jericho, has a monster in the woods gruesomely murdering different residents and Wednesday is trying to solve the case mainly by herself but also with unwanted but necessary help from others.

  It is great to see the relationships Wednesday forms, especially with her roomate, Enid. It also comes with a greatly put together plot twist towards the end and ending that is going to make you want another season.

  With every TV show, there will be some viewers that don’t like certain things. For example, wishing there was a lot less of a love triangle between the characters Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier. Even some of the actors said that there could have been a lot less of it. Although you discover these relationships were important to the plot, it did not have to be romantic relations. However, it was nice that Wednesday just seemed completely uninterested in both of them despite their efforts.

  It is a much more modern adaptation of the infamous “Addams Family” that was first introduced in the 1930s as a cartoon. The show was meant to just bring a new version of the well-known Wednesday and the rest of the Addams family.

  Wednesday has already taken the crown for the most views for an English-Language show in a week beating “Stranger Things” season 4 Vol. 2. Wednesday had 341M hours viewed with “Stranger Things” having 335M.

  The show will keep viewers interested and guessing throughout the entire season. Wednesday always has some sort of great comeback and provides very comedic lines without trying.

  Jenna Ortega is the star of the show, playing Wednesday Addams. She first started her big career on the Disney channel show “Stuck in the Middle” and has been in other projects like “Scream,” “The Fallout,” “You,” “X,” etc. Christina Ricci also appears, playing Ms. Thornhill, and she played the Wednesday Addams in the 1991 Addams family movie. Most of the adults have been in something people have likely seen; however, most of the young actors/actresses are fairly new to acting and seem to have a successful career ahead of them.

  With Wednesday’s unintentional comedic streak and the whole mystery of it all, the show is definitely worth the time with each of the 8 episodes being at or around an hour long.