Entertainment Review: “Her Loss”


  Drake and 21 Savage are getting lots of feedback for the release of their new conjoined album “HER LOSS.” With just a few days left, the duo has now released the album cover art. 

   In the music video for “Jimmy Cooks,” there was a message that said “Her LOSS/ALBUM BY DRAKE AND 21 SAVAGE/OCTOBER 28, 2022.”

  On October 26, the album “HER LOSS” was postponed until November 4 due to Noah “40” Shebib, Drake’s producer, contracting COVID.

  The duo released a self-made mock “Vogue” cover for the promotion of their album. The artificial “Vogue” cover is a reference to a line in “Jimmy Cooks”, which says “don’t tell me that you model if you ain’t been in Vogue”.

  Drake is an influential figure in the rap industry, along with Future. Drake has won 192 awards, including four Grammy Awards from 47 nominations. Future has three Grammy awards from 46 nominations. They both made a great album you should all listen to.

  With the release of the “HER LOSS” album by Drake and 21 Savage, feedback from others came with it. Misogynistic was one of the words used when seeing reactions to the album. This feedback mainly comes from the song “On BS” when Drake says “I blow a half a million on you h***, Im a feminist.” This is a very bold and vulgar statement that could’ve been worse for Drake. 

  I believe that this album is better than the last album. “Honestly Never Mind” wasn’t what people were expecting. It’s good to hear Drake bounce back on an album after dropping a not-so-good one. What most Drake listeners want is the old Drake back which is the Drake that dropped the albums “So far gone”, “Thank me later”, and “Nothing was the same”.

 You can access this completely free on many streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and many more.