Warm winter wardrobe tips for you


Nicolas Battaglia shows off his winter fashion. Bundling up is key for staying in style and warm this season.

 With a change of weather comes a change of style. Cold winter weather encourages people to bundle up. Layering is the perfect way to keep warm while still looking stylish. 

  Coats are a common piece of winter clothing. Coats are simple and boring, but puffer coats could change that. 

  Puffer coats are a common look in the rap industry that has transferred into everyday wear. There are a lot of designer brand puffer coats coming from places like Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Though expensive, puffer coats are a good investment. 

  A coat is not the only article of clothing that can provide a cool look. Another cool looking piece of clothing is hats. There are so many unique hats between beanies, stocking caps, and baseball hats. 

  A popular winter hat brand is Carhart. Carhart is a clothing brand for work clothes as well as normal apparel worn by average people. A cool looking hat that not a lot of people wear is a baseball cap with ear warming flaps on the sides. These hats can give off a cool look for the winter time and give the look of the baseball cap style. These hats go with most and many winter outfits. 

  Shoes are one of the most if not the most popular apparel item in the fashion industry. There are different shoes for different seasons, and winter shoes are pretty unique. With winter comes snow, and most shoes that aren’t built to be in snow won’t really keep you comfortable in the snow. Boots are a popular footwear for winter apparel. Uggs are a popular shoe currently. Uggs are worn by both genders and have many and multiple different colors and styles. Uggs have fur on the inside to keep feet warm and comfortable. Uggs also come in slippers and shoes, not just boots. 

  Last but not least are pants. With pants there are many different looks and styles, a cool look is camouflage. Like hats, carhart has some heavy warm pants for the winter time. Many people wear whatever it takes to keep their legs warm. In the winter sweatpants are very popular since they keep warm. Winter fashion is a unique subject in everyday life.