New shoe store gets added in downtown Sterling


Mayor Skip Lee visited Sole Statement and bought Nike dunks. He was there when the store opened on Black Friday.

  With the excitement and hubbub of Black Friday, a new store opened its doors in downtown Sterling. Alex Rangel, D’angelo Young, Eric Davila, and Lucas Sotelo all brought their love of shoes together and decided to open a shoe store, Sole Statement. 

  The shoe lovers have been selling shoes out of their houses for years. This year, they were able to take over the former JJM Printing building and start up their store. 

  On their opening day, they sold over 150 pairs of shoes. They sell a huge variety of shoes such as Jordan’s, Nike Dunks, and Yeezy’s. Sole Statement buys, sells, and trades shoes. 

  Anyone can bring in a pair of shoes, consign them, and then the owners take some of the money. Sole Statement sells shoes for reasonable prices but the store owners will work with you if you want to negotiate a price of a certain pair. 

  Right when you walk in, you will notice that Sole Statement is set up nicely. The brick walls of the store are lined with shoes. The owners set up a couch with a TV and a PS5, so customers can play video games. 

  The owners have been wanting a store for a long time, but they had a hard time finding a building. When they finally found one, they rented the building as quickly as they could.  

  “We chose to open it in Sterling because Sterling ain’t never had nothing like this and we figured it’d be pretty dope to bring the sneaker culture to Sterling. We do plan on moving to a bigger city in the future, maybe like a mall or something like that, but now we are just going to enjoy the company and customers we got and try to run it up,” said Young.

  Now that Sole Statement has a store, the shoes can be properly displayed. 

  Sole Statement has implemented a deal called “Sunday Steals.” Every Sunday, the store has about ten pairs of shoes that they take and mark down. This gives people an opportunity to get shoes at a cheaper price.  

  This past Saturday, Sole Statement did a giveaway for a free pair of Yeezy slides. In order to enter, you had to like their Instagram post, post them on your story, and tag three of your friends in the comment. Once you did all of those things, you had to go into Sole Statement to show them that you had completed the tasks.

  Sole Statement put the names of everyone who entered the giveaway on a spinning wheel. The owners went onto Instagram live to show them spinning the wheel of 45 people and eventually got a winner. 

  These guys love to include their community into their business. They have already made a huge impact on Sterling.