Entertainment Review: “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”


  The sad and tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman left quite the dent in the world. The new movie “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” was supposed to fill the void while paying homage to the late actor. A tribute was shown at the beginning and the end of the movie for Chadwick Boseman.    

  At two hours and 41 minutes, “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” is now the longest Marvel movie. Two new movie characters were introduced in the form of Namor and Iron Heart. “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” is certainly something to talk about.

    When watching any Marvel movies, viewers have to pay close attention as the Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to hint at both new and old characters.

  The movie “Wakanda Forever” had a nod to Tony Stark (Iron Man) in the start of the movie. 

Riri Williams, who is Iron Heart, was making her suit in a cave. This scene was familiar to “Iron Man,” when Tony Stark was seen making his Mark 1 suit in the cave. 

  Namor, the other big name introduced into this movie, was a turning point in the MCU. With the introduction of Namor, it shows that mutants are relevant in the MCU. When Namor was introduced the word “mutant” was used. Which they weren’t able to use before because Marvel didn’t have the rights to the word. 

  I think the introduction of Namor was huge for the Hispanic community as far as superheroes go. Namor being in MCU as a mutant shows that the X-Men will be introduced sooner or later. The big picture of this is that Namor is being played by a Hispanic man, and one with brown skin, taking the spotlight in a black superhero universe which is a big deal.

  Trying to look forward to the MCU, this movie can be seen as a door that is being opened for a champions series on Disney Plus or a new movie. The champions consist of Iron heart, Spider-Man, Viv Vision (Visions Daughter), Ms Marvel, Black Panther, and She Hulk. 

  A fact you wouldn’t know about “Black Panther” or “Black Panther Wakanda Forever” is that
the whole Wakanda is based on a city in Africa. Whenever there is a ceremony, the actors wear traditional African Dresses and dance. 

  I feel like the way the movie was made, it can lead off into more movies for the MCU and is a great movie to honor Chadwick Boseman.

This is a great movie to see if you are a fan of the MCU or superhero movies, since “Black Panther” is one of the most diverse characters with a very interesting story line.