A Christmas gift guide to help with your shopping


  When it comes to giving gifts, many people don’t know what to get for their loved ones. With the holiday season quickly approaching, here is a list of gifts to get for friends, family, and significant others. 

  Boyfriend Many people have no clue where to start when it comes to giving gifts to their boyfriends. You want to get them something they can use and/or really like. If they’re more into clothing, you can get them items like fitted hats, Nike Techs, shoes, belts, or Dickie pants. If you have a budget, a more affordable idea would be a basket full of their favorite snacks, cologne, or products they have been wanting. If you’re planning on making a handmade gift, printing out some photos of you guys or writing a handwritten note are always sincere options. 

  Girlfriend Giving or making your girlfriend a gift can be stressful. Picking out clothes can be especially challenging. I would recommend giving them a gift card to their favorite clothing brand or store. If you don’t have a budget then jewelry, handbags, shoes, pj sets, fragrances or anything personalized are great. Although if you do have a budget, a Bath and Body Works set, makeup products, or accessories are great options. 

  Best Friend Holidays with your best friend can be the most heartwarming and yet challenging. You want to get them a nice gift, something they’ll love. You don’t want to make it too much but also not too little. I would recommend getting gift cards, music streaming services, personalized gifts, accessories, or a goody basket full of little things they enjoy.

  New friends New friends can be a little trickier since you just met them and don’t really know what kind of interest they have. In this case I would recommend gift cards so they can pick out whatever they like. You could also get them gift mugs, dessert trays, slides, or slippers. 

  Anyone For people who don’t fit in these categories but you still want to give a gift to, you can give candles, workout clothes, room decor, plants, AirPods, a phone case, or a goody basket as well. 

  Overall, giving gifts is the best. You can get as creative as you want or keep it simple. With the holiday approaching fast, hopefully this gave you some ideas.