New coaches bring new ideas and a growing passion for their sports


  Adjusting to a new coach can be difficult at times. Some rules may change or practice routines may be adjusted. Some coaches may be harder on their athletes than others and might make them work harder.

  Getting along with your coach and building a good relationship with them can make the season more enjoyable and welcoming. Be positive from the start and have a good show of who you are and don’t be afraid of asking questions or coming out of your comfort zone to try or do something new. 

  Some coaches may be new and adjusting to the pressures of being a coach or when a new coach comes in you may not like their rules. Some may have been athletes before and came back to coach the sport they loved the most. Despite adjusting to new coaches, having a coach who has played the sport before or knows anything about it may be an advantage to the team.

  Special education teacher Sterling Thornton played basketball while in high school and college and is now one of S.H.S.’s coaches.

  Thornton says, “The biggest difference in playing and coaching is having to sit on the sideline and watch plays develop instead of being able to go out and be a part of it. That is also one of the best things about being a coach. You can help players grow in their knowledge and ability of the sport. It is really cool to see guys grow from the beginning of the season not only in the game itself but grow into who they were meant to be off the floor.”

  Even if coaching wasn’t immediately on his radar, it was a role that Thornton became accustomed to quite easily.

  “I became a coach because basketball taught me a lot of valuable life lessons. It also introduced me to many great teammates, opponents and coaches as well as gave me an opportunity to bond with my family over it. Basketball helped shape me in this life and I wanted to be able to give back to the sport as well as impact the kids who are in the position that I used to be.”

 Even though people graduate, it doesn’t mean they still can’t coach the sport they love.