Student sections impact games


The SHS students dress up in neon colors for the football game. They waited all week to get dressed up to watch the Golden Warriors take on the Geneseo Maple Leafs

  Student sections are a crucial part of any game. They are often known for being the most visible and vocal sections of the crowd, as well as their occasionally rowdy behavior. 

  The student section is a big part of the game, whether it’s basketball, football, or volleyball. Student sections use many tactics to try and swing the game in their team’s favor. A great student section is loud enough to distract the opposing team and help their team win the game. 

  In addition, student sections determine the overall feel and success of the sports team, which is best seen by examining the support, intensity, themes and traditions, the love of the sport, and the number of people involved. The game without a student section would almost be lifeless with no intensity. There would be no feel for the game and no intensity that the team needs to compete at the highest level.

  Senior Mallory Osborn said, “They make us play good,” when asked how the student section impacts the game and the players. 

  Other teams definitely feel similarly.

  Senior Joe Marchiato stated, “The student section helps a lot. It’s the definition of home field advantage, especially in high school because student sections can get crazy.”

  Student sections greatly impact the game and players because the students that make up the section are usually the players’ friends. When one has a friend or someone they know cheering for them and supporting them at the intensity a student section does, it truly does make one perform at the best they possibly can. It’s always a good feeling when one’s friends are there to support. 

  Teacher Isaac Kinnicutt said, “I think it is pretty big if you get a huge student section and they’re loud, like when the home team is on defense or they’re quiet when the home team is on offense. It does have a big impact because the way they can get into an opponent’s head could be fun to see and fun to hear and be tough for the visiting team.” 

  Overall, student sections can be a crucial part of the game when it comes down to it.