FCA participates in Operation Christmas Child


FCA members pack boxes as part of Operation Christmas Child. FCA members have participate in this activity for several years.

  Now that October has passed, it is time to leave behind the scaring and turn to giving. Though it is still early for some people to begin thinking about Christmas, it is better than the alternatives some children have to face: not participating in the festive time of receiving and opening gifts. 

  Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club (FCA) participates in the donation of gift-filled boxes around the word known as Operation Christmas Child. For some children, these are the only gifts they receive all year.

  FCA is a student-led club that has been a part of Sterling High School for 22 years. It has been organized by teacher Mark Jackson for the past sixteen years and the group meets once a week in his room. It is during this time of year that they begin talking about packing boxes and bringing in items.

  FCA members have been packing shoe boxes since the 2015-2016 school year. That would make this year their eighth set sent out. Boxes are received from places like Zambia, Rwanda, Mexico, and Guatemala. Last year, the boxes were sent to Honduras; this year’s are yet to be known. 

  Students spent the past few weeks shopping in search of school supplies like pens, pencils, sharpeners, glue sticks, scissors, and notepads. They also added in tooth brushes, hair pieces, socks, stuffed animals, small books, toys, and anything else they can fit into boxes.

  After boxes were filled, students took the time to add in note cards with inspirational messages and bible verses. Cards were filled with “Merry Christmas!” and “We Love You.” With only a few participants, FCA managed to pack ten boxes in total, doubling their original goal of five. 

  Sending boxes not only creates a memorable impact on the people receiving them, but on those packing them as well. Jackson wanted FCA to be a club where students, not just athletes, could come together and discuss a common interest. He recalls his former experiences of FCA in college. 

  Jackson said,  “I really enjoyed meeting other Christian athletes at the school and it was just a fun group of people to hang out with. FCA really had an impact on my life and I’d like to continue to be a part of the organization to see the group impact other students’ lives.” 

  As Jackson put it, “This program is not a solution to world hunger and poverty, but it can definitely bring joy and excitement and a little relief to those in need around the world.” 

  The boxes let people know that someone in the world cares about them without ever having met. They create a life-changing experience for the children and their families.