S.H.S. Speechies start another season


  With the fall play wrapped, now is time for the speech season to begin. With more members than last year due to many underclassmen joining the team, there is a lot of potential for the speech team this year. 

  Speech is a team that is typically known for its large upperclassmen presence but that is certainly different this year. With only three upperclassmen and the rest of the team being underclassmen, the speech team will have a different feel this year. Senior Israel Grande and juniors Michelle Henderson-Bellows and Francisco Pease will help lead the young team.

  Senior Isreal Grande has been doing speech all four years of his high school career and is excited for what the year will bring.

   “I am most excited to see the new people who will join the speech team and I cannot wait to see the talent this year. The most enjoyable part of speech is seeing other students perform their pieces!” stated senior Israel Grande. 

  With the four years experience, Grande sees the potential of everyone else, but is also sad to see the excitement come to the end of the season. Grande is also happy to see where his other members are as well.

  Sophomore Rileigh Wren is most excited for the speech tournaments to start up again, stating, “They are definitely the best part of the speech team season and they make all the hard work in the end worth it.”  

  Alumnus Victoria Duffin is the speech coach for the second year in running and is prepared for the season to start up and to be working with the students she loves.  

  With there being a bigger team there is a lot more potential for this season and will be one to remember. With there being no more covid restrictions the team can finally go to the events and participate with no clear masks or cancelations to worry about.