S.H.S. science department gets upgrades


S.H.S. science teachers figure out how to use the anatomy table for the first time. Anatomy and physiology use the table once every week.

  As we began the 2022 school year, Sterling High School science teacher collectively decided to buy an Anatomage Table.The Anatomage Table was purchased for around 80 thousand dollars.

  The table is located in the downstairs science hallway, where the anatomy and physiology classes use the table. The table has many different features that allows the classes to be more in depth with the topic they are learning. There are many options teachers can choose from. 

  There is an option for students to take quizzes or tests on the table. Teachers can create a quiz by using a part of the body such as the arm and highlight each section, then create questions to go with that. 

  There are hundreds of cases that students can examine on the table. The table allows students to learn the cause and effects of injuries in specific situations.

  Students can pick from an array of human bodies to study in detail. There are options on the table that let users study the nervous, reproductive, digestive, or respiratory systems individually.                      

  There is an option for students to dissect a body, so they can look at it layer by layer. There is also a section on the table that allows you to only look at certain parts of the body like the pelvis or knee. 

  There is a feature that allows users to watch how the different parts of the body move, such as the muscles and nervous systems. You can see how the blood moves through the body or see the heart beating. 

“The thing I like most about the anatomy table is being able to see a 360 view of an interactive 3d model,” said junior Rowan McNeill. 

  This piece of technology is very useful for our students and science teachers. If you are looking forward to actually using the table try taking anatomy and physiology.  

 “It has changed the way I teach my classes and I can tell the students really enjoy using it too! We are so very lucky and fortunate to have access to one of these tables as not many students will have access to one unless they study a premed path after high school,” said science teacher Nicole Schlemmer.