Baseball and softball continue to work behind the scenes

With the weather transitioning to winter, the early season grind has begun to be put into effect.

  As January becomes closer, the baseball and softball teams have begun to bloom. With the preseason getting closer to rolling in, the before season grind is becoming more and more evident.

  Both teams have stressed that personal skill work and preparation is vital in the late fall months. It is the best way to get each individual ready as well as the team. If a player gets better, the team gets better.

  The baseball team adopted a new way to help the current pitching staff and future Golden Warriors with pitching mechanics with the “Pitching Boot Camp.” The camp took place in September and October.

  “Our thought was having a camp solely for Sterling Public School students and teaching proper mechanics,” said head baseball coach Darwin Nettleton. “If we can teach kids at an early age the value of consistently throwing accurately, that will only help in the long term development in pitchers throwing strikes.”

  Junior Garret Polson saw the pitching camp as a team building opportunity. Polson shared that it was nice “Just being able to work with the team in the fall…It was great to work and get better.”

  The softball team has also begun working towards new big things for the upcoming season as well, especially with the entrance of new head coach Donnie Dittmar. Senior softball player Ellie Leigh weighed in by saying, “We’ve talked about getting new jerseys and changing a few things from last year on how we prepare for our games. Since we have a new coach things will change.”

  Transitioning to another area, both of the new turf fields are making steady progress to meet their goal of being ready for the season. The fields have been dug out and leveled ready to move on to the next step. Even the field behind the main baseball field at Gartner has had minor renovations with new concrete behind the backstop and new fencing. Big changes are in effect and still to come for the two teams.

  The season will be here sooner rather than later. It is clear that what happens when the lights are off dictate the success that will be brought when the snow melts and the Golden Warriors come out to play.