Entertainment review: AirPods Max


When that big paycheck comes in and you are looking for the newest and coolest items, is your first thought to purchase the AirPod Max Headphones? 

  These trendy headphones hit the market December of 2020. As many of you may know, anything from the company Apple does not come cheap. The Airpod Max’s are at a starting price of $549. By looking at the price, we can tell that these come with many features and can ensure good quality. But is it really worth it?

  AirPod Max Headphones come with a choice of five colors. These choices include silver, space gray, sky blue, pink, and green. Many celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, and others have been spotted representing these headphones. The headphones seem to be considered luxury due to the comfort and design look of them.

  Buyers of the Airpod Max’s found out that the headphones offer more noise cancellation than any other product. The headphones allow you to turn on and off the noise cancellation setting using “Transparency mode.” There are nine microphones in total, eight being used for the active noise cancellation. 

  Additionally, the comfortable design of the Airpod Max’s really brought consumers to shock. The foam cups are made to fit comfortably around your ear, the headband is made of stainless steel but is lined in rubber material, and the headband is also adjustable so it can fit all head sizes.

  One downside of these headphones is the weight. Reviews reveal that the AirPod Max’s tend to be heavy on the head. They weigh in at 386 grams which is heavier than any other headphone. These also provide no power button. Many buyers did not favor this because the only way to shut down the headphones is by putting them back into the case. Without the case there is no way to turn them off.  

  When having the choice to spend the money or not. I would definitely consider all the qualities this product has to offer. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons.