S.H.S. makes winter upgrades


Sophomore Nico Battaglia hangs from the basketball hoop with the shot clock above. Battaglia and other winter sports athletes are preparing for the upcoming season.

 While summer and the start of fall sports were happening, Sterling High School continued to undergo changes and additions to many practice facilities for all athletes, but specifically those in winter sports. 

  One of the main upgrades was the air conditioning put into the weight room and wrestling room upstairs during the summer. 

  Air conditioning was never a part of the wrestling or weight rooms before, but with them it helps athletes not overheat when getting their work done. Air conditioning was also put into boys and girls locker rooms. The air conditioning allows athletes to perform at their best while also making them more comfortable.

  In addition to AC, new mats were necessary in the wrestling room. Before the change, the old mats were broken and torn, so getting new ones meant walls were safer and were able to better protect wrestlers.

   “The new mats gives you something nice to look at and forward to and makes you think the school still cares about wrestling,” said senior wrestler Karson Strohmeyer 

 Similarly to the signs on the fences of the football field and tennis courts, wrestling also has a sign in the middle of the room that welcomes wrestlers by saying “Welcome To Warrior Wrestling.” 

  For basketball, there are also other little changes made to things like the shot clock along with the lights on the backboards, and new basketballs. 

  “The shot clock can give players opportunities for big moments or can give a team another chance. The shot clock can also do the opposite and pressure players,” shared sophomore basketball player Nico Battaglia.

  In the gym, basketball is starting to use shot clocks in games and tournaments. With the shot clock changes, lights were installed on the backboard that go off when the shot clock does. This gives teams opportunities to make game changing plays. Along with the shot clock, the boys and girls basketball teams were given new basketballs as well, so this just gives athletes the best equipment to practice and play with. 

  These upgrades are well worth it and athletes benefit from them all.