S.H.S. Travel Club is shipping up to Boston


Sterling High School Travel Club poses for a photo at Harvard University. The group explored several historic places and landmarks around the city of Boston in 2019, and looks to do it again next summer.

  Sterling High School Travel Club is once again planning to fly out to Boston, Mass. for another trip to recreate some of their favorite memories from their previous endeavor in 2019.

  Over the course of a given school year, the Travel Club takes three or four trips to more local places around the state. Some examples include Chicago, Springfield, Skokie’s Holocaust Museum, along with many others. However, every other year, S.H.S. librarian, Heather Johnson, and English teacher, Dana Francis, put together an endeavor to Boston, much like Washington D.C. is offered to Challand Middle School students.

  The travel club wants to recreate their favorite experiences from their 2019 trip. They plan to visit several historic places within the city of Boston including Bunker Hill, Salem Witch Museum, Boston Gardens, Old North Church, and several more!

  “It’s a great way to connect their learning throughout their time at SHS and experience history where it happened,” said Johnson, “to stand on the Lexington Green and ‘face down’ the British soldiers, or to look up to the tower of the Old North Church and see where Paul Revere watched for lanterns is a powerful experience!”

  The trip is set to occur in early June, likewise to Challand Middle School’s trip to Washington, DC, as well as Mr. Schlegel’s trip to Europe last summer. It will be an excellent way for students to gain some new memories that they will never forget, as well as offer an opportunity for students who may not know each other to create a bond with one another that they wouldn’t have otherwise anticipated.

  “I’m very excited to go on this trip,” senior Payten Newman described. “My mom never let me do stuff like this so it’s very new and exciting for me.”

  Once again, this trip is planned to occur in early June. Since the endeavor is still several months away, the topic is generally muted until the trip draws closer, which is when the excitement is expected to begin to build up.