S.H.S. continues to grow agriculture offerings


The S.H.S. Greenhouse was built to assist the agriculture program. The horticulture class is one of the agriculture classes at S.H.S. that uses the greenhouse.

S.H.S. offers a variety of agriculture courses, with some devoted to learning about animals and others devoted to plants.  

  One of those classes is Horticulture, which focuses on the preparation and use of fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, herbs, spices, and any other plant that is used directly by humans.

  Students in this class study various plant science concepts through exciting hands-on activities and projects, such as the creation of simple vase arrangements, pumpkin centerpieces, and other floral designs. 

Current horticulture student senior Mallory Osborn said, “I enjoy being able to learn about the insides of the plants, cutting them open and viewing the stems and leaves under a microscope.”

  Horticulture not only provides nutritious fruits and vegetables, but it also comes with visual enjoyment, like floral design. 

  Horticulture student senior Marley Bellini said, “I like the aspect of being able to incorporate art and my love for flowers into this class and create a beautiful centerpiece.” 

  Horticulture isn’t just “normal” plants. There’s a vast variety of cool plants that you would never even know about without taking this class. You can learn about gardening around houses, and how to add bushes or trees on corners of houses to make it look sharp. 

  Like horticulture, Basic Greenhouse management consists of learning about caring for plants, especially filling pots, potting plants, categorizing plants, watering plants, and getting clippings. 

  And it’s just getting started.

  Horticulture teacher Megan Stanley said, “I see the class spending more time in the greenhouse in the future, potentially growing mums in the fall and poinsettias in the winter. Right now, in the spring, is when we are primarily in the greenhouse and I would like to get more use out of the space during this time of the year.”

  Learning about plants is not just important for science, but, Stanley said, “Plants are extremely important for our physical and mental health. Giving students the skills they need to grow and maintain plantscapes gives them more ownership of that aspect of their lives.”

  Students who should take these classes are students who are or want to be involved with the environment or want to start their own garden. Students can use the information they gain in this class and it could lead to a career in plant breeding, landscape design, floral design and farming.

  No matter the class students choose, there is a S.H.S. agriculture class for everyone.