What juniors are doing now


S.H.S. librarian Heather Johnson shows juniors what books they should look at while thinking about college. Juniors should start their college exploration soon, if they haven’t already.

 Junior year is often called the hardest year of high school. One reason it is difficult is that juniors have to take the SAT in the spring. Studying for the SAT as well as having a rigorous course load helps to prepare juniors for their future.

  In order to know the best path to take, exploring colleges and meeting with your counselor is important. If college is not your desired path, you can begin looking at trade schools. If you are interested in the military, this would also be the time to research the different branches and talk to recruiters.

  Juniors should start informally looking at colleges. Juniors should also consider talking to their families about what colleges to consider, specifically talking to people who have attended college in order to get input about the colleges they attended. Taking advice from people who have already been, and know how college is a great way to start exploring colleges.

   Sterling High School juniors currently should be trying as hard as they can in school, including staying on top of their work to keep their grades up and turning in all assignments on time. 

  Junior Ibraim Redzepi says, “As soon as I get an assignment, I set an alarm on my phone so that when I get home I remember to finish the assignment.” Additionally juniors should be communicating with our teachers to be up to date.

  Junior year sets the precedent for students’ future. 

  Junior Jordan Britt says, “Juniors should have goals to help push them and stay in school and work hard towards these goals, that’s what keeps me going to school and wanting to try hard to achieve my goals.”

  Staying motivated is hard to do for anyone, but may be especially so for high school students. That’s why students need to be disciplined as discipline is what will make students successful, especially in school. Doing work even when they do not feel like doing it is what separates them from the rest.  

  Overall junior year is going to be hard and you’re going to have to get your work done. In order to be successful this year, he or she needs to stay focused to get good grades and try the hardest they can.