Get your scare on


Six Haunted Haven clowns get to scare their visitors. Haunted Haven is a local Halloween favorite.

  Temperatures are dropping and leaves are turning. If you’re into a spooky season, then haunted houses are calling for you. 

  Haunted Haven Haunted Haven is a 20-minute haunted house attraction with 8000 square feet of turns. in Rock Falls, Ill. In order to keep people coming back, Haunted Haven has a new theme every year. It’s a small house built by many of the actors and team members. I personally don’t think it’s very scary, but it’s a good haunted house for kids who love a good scare. Those who walk too slowly will be left to the things that live in the darkness. I’d rate this haunted house a good 5/10. The pricing can range from $15-$20 depending on if you want to jump the line. While waiting in the line, there are movies projected on the barn, concessions, and actor entertainment. 

  Asylum Of Mad Dreams Asylum of Mad Dreams is a family-made haunted house next to the Cordova Race Tracks. This haunted house is neat because of all the entry ways. It’s a 45- minute horror filled adventure with indoor and outdoor haunts with multiple themes and areas. Some of those themes include: 3D Madness, Zombie Village, Alley of Doom & The Dollhouse. Plus the home of the wild and crazy “ASYLUM BUS RIDE.” I’d rate this haunted house a good 8/10. The cost for one ticket is $25.50, and the tickets are nonrefundable, so I’d suggest choosing a good day to go. When you arrive, you get your ticket punched in and while waiting in line clowns and other characters try to scare you. They also have a nice warm fire to stand next to while waiting to keep warm. 

     If you want to travel more than a couple miles, we have other options for you! 

  Basement Of The Dead Basement of the dead is located in Aurora, Ill and is rated the #1 scariest haunted house in Chicago, Illinois. The theme changes quite frequently, leaving people to say the attraction gets better every year. Whichever night you choose to go, there may be a different theme. Basement of the Dead is unlike any other haunt. It’s like you walk up to an outdoor party. They have many line actors that are constantly on the move, in addition to actors that get up in the second story planter next door, and launch merchandise and candy into the crowd and a live DJ playing top hits at all times. There is also a second attraction after the main haunt called Shattered. Shattered is a 3D clown based haunt and it has some of the best artistry. Many things on the walls look like they can reach out and touch you. I’d rate this haunted house a 10/10. Prices vary from $30- $70 depending on which package you choose. The haunted house takes about 15-20 mins depending on how slow or fast you walk. There are also no refunds, but you have the option to change your date and time, so that’s a plus. 

  Disturbia Haunted House Disturbia Haunted House, located in Downers Grove, Ill., is packed with scary scenes including a haunted pumpkin patch, medieval crypt and ancient graveyard. Disturbia Haunted House also has different themes you can choose from, so choose the level of scariness that fits you. Disturbia Haunted House is rated #1 Haunted Thrillist by Chicagoland’s new haunted house is a combination of all your nightmares. There is free parking, food/concessions, and a gift shop. The wait time really doesn’t feel like any wait at all as it is a constant party on the haunt’s grounds. They have entertainment while waiting, a great-looking DJ booth that is a huge stand-out and beautifully crafted to look like a giant stone-carved skull. The ticket cost varies from $30- $70 depending on the package you get. There are also no refunds but you are able to change your date and time. 

  The Old Joliet Haunted Prison The Old Joliet Haunted Prison in Joliet, Ill. is the only haunted house in Chicago located inside of a real abandoned prison. You’ll navigate through the prison yard, machine shop, laundry room and other spaces filled with violent undead criminals seeking vengeance on the living. You can extend your visit with mini escape games and drinks at the commissary. The haunted prison also offers food trucks and other concessions for guests before and after experiencing the haunted house. Prices vary from $30- $100 depending which package you choose.

  Brittains Tunnel of Terror Car Wash Brittains Tunnel of Terror car wash located in Elgin, Ill. was established during COVID for social distancing purposes. This is a great way to get your car cleaned and enjoy a good scare. Pricing includes $44.99 for the ultimate car wash, $39.99 for a regular that includes a foam/soft cloth, tunnel wash, spot free rinse, power blow dry, triple foam polish and sealer wax.

  I think this would be a fun experience although no matter what Haunted House you choose. Grab your friends and go have a spooky time.