Preview of S.H.S. clubs


  Are you looking to fill your free time with something beneficial and fun? Sterling High School has a diverse set of clubs where you can meet new people with similar interests. Exactly what clubs does S.H.S. offer? Here is a list along with descriptions of all our clubs. 

  Student Council promotes leadership and involvement in our school, as well as our community. Students take part in the organization and assistance of events like homecoming, blood drives, fundraising for cancer, movie nights, and other school activities. The Student Council advisors are Nicole Schlemmer and Alexis Ruiz

  To those considering a career in the medical field, Young Doctors’ League is a student-led organization meant to prepare the next generation of healthcare workers. Healthcare professionals are brought in to speak and answer questions on their medical journeys. Schlemmer encourages students to partake in the monthly morning meetings. Experience multiple perspectives of current, real-life medical workers and be exposed to a variety of future possibilities. 

  For any students looking for a new experience outside of Sterling, Heather Johnson and Dana Francis sponsor Sterling High School’s Travel Club. They plan on taking four Saturday trips in total, one every quarter. The first trip was to Franklin Creek and the Nachusa Grasslands on October 8. The next will contain historical sites in Springfield on December 3. Then, the Illinois Holocaust Museum on February 18th. And the final trip is to Ottawa on April 29. There will also be a five-day trip to Boston in June 2023. 

  If you are looking to play a casual game of chess with new challengers Chess Club offers entertainment or practice without the competitive nature of the Chess Team. Mr. Mike Gottemoller – who is in charge of Chess Club – encourages students of experience levels to join. Chess club is a great opportunity for first-time chess players.

  Art Club meets weekly in the art room (room 227) with Joie Roddy. In Art Club, you’ll be able to participate in semester art projects, and join your artistically-talented alumni in an art-related field trip! If you’re interested, email Mrs. Roddy to establish a day that works for you. 

  S.H.S. is welcoming the start of a brand new club… Science Club! Being in charge of his first-ever club, Dan Young is looking forward to working with students interested in learning more about science with the help of many exciting experiments. 

  Gay-Straight Alliance Club is devoted to equal treatment for people of any race, gender, or sexual orientation. GSA strives to create a safe environment for all students. S.H.S. Counselor Darci Francis organizes GSA.

  For a recreational time after school filled simply with board games, Tabletop Gaming Club provides students with snacks, a fun time, and a chance to make a new friend over a game of checkers. The Tabletop Gaming Club is led by Jenny Malooly. 

  I am HER is a club directed by Christine Herron, dedicated to young women that want to explore, experience, be empowered, and be involved. Monthly meetings consist of participating in community service and fundraising throughout the school year. 

 Fellowship of Christian Athletes is the only Christian club in Sterling High School, and is led by Mark Jackson. It is for anyone who would like to learn more about God or the Bible. FCA is not limited to athletes or Christians. Anyone is more than welcome to come and hang out with friends. FCA hopes to partake in service projects to positively impact our community.

  As you can see, with Sterling High School’s many clubs to choose from, you are sure to find one (or more) that’s just for you.