Tips to taking a college visit


Students and their families taking a college visit to learn more about their potential campus. College visits are a monumental step in the application process.

  Throughout high school, students are encouraged to pursue their passions and plan ahead for the future. Although that is true, at the end of a student’s senior year, many students do not have a plan moving forward as is the case for up to 34% of former high school students according to

  College visits play an important role in planning one’s next step after high school. Visiting an environment you can see yourself being comfortable in is important to feeling like you belong.

  College visits are typically offered year-round, but mostly on weekdays. The availability does often fall during a school day, and some may not want to miss school. However, here at S.H.S., college visits are counted as excused absences. 

  According to S.H.S. counselor Darci Francis, “College visits are hugely important, you can apply to all colleges without visiting, but I wouldn’t recommend committing to going somewhere without having visited. It’s a very important step to get a sense for the atmosphere of a college campus to see if it is a good fit for you.” 

  The idea of a college visit is to be familiarized with a college campus and its environment. According to senior Mallory Osborn, “When I toured UW-Platteville, I became more familiar with the campus and its people, it was a great experience.” It is important to understand where you are going, especially for the next four (or more) years of your life.

  You can also take visits to a trade school if that is the route you are looking to go. Visits are not exclusive to four-year universities. However, trade schools do a very good job of bringing the visit to you. Many trade schools will come to classes and demonstrate the idea of their school, and what trade or trades they teach. 

  According to senior Antonio Tablante, “When UTI came to our Government class last week, they discussed with us our futures as to what our options are after high school, and showed us what UTI has to offer us in the field of mechanics.” 

  Whatever your next step is, a visit can help you make that decision.

  College visits, specifically guided tours, are normally led by current students at the college. These guides give valuable insight into everyday life at that specific college.

  Most of the time, college visits themselves are free. The only ‘payment’ per se is missing a day of school. However, the valuable insight you gain from a visit makes it worth it entirely. 

  With that being said, if you are eyeing a future college or trade school to advance your studies, a college visit may be in your future. The best way to get more information about your trip is to visit your potential school’s website. The school’s page will have the most clear and specific facts about planning a visit! Remember to always ask any questions you may have, as the guides will have the exact answer for you.