Student athletic trainers support S.H.S. athletes


Athletic trainers stand on the sidelines waiting to help at any moment. Trainers prepared football players all week for the Friday night game.

Are you an athlete who is feeling pain right before a big game? If so, it might be time to take a trip to the training room. There you can find trainers that will help you heal and improve. Trainers play an important role in an athlete’s everyday life. 

  The training room at S.H.S. is located at the back of the gym. This room has everything an athlete needs to both prepare and recover. Many athletes choose to go into the room before and after practices and/or games. 

  Sterling High School’s athletic trainer is Andi Sumerfelt. S.H.S. currently has three student trainers: Alecia Garcia, Victoria Nguyen, and Nakynzy Cavazos-Hodge. Whether a sporting event is home or away, the trainers are always there to prepare. 

  Senior Alecia Garcia describes her favorite part about training as “the friendships you make with the other trainers and the athletes. I love the atmosphere because whether it’s a football game or wrestling meet, there is always something you are doing, and the pressure you experience and situations you see is something that is super beneficial.” Garcia has been a trainer for three years. 

  To become a trainer, Garcia had to fill out an application. The application then had to pass through Sumerfelt, where she considered attendance and grades before selecting her final trainer crew. Sumerfelt’s favorite thing about being a trainer is that she “really likes getting to know the students better and being able to help them recover.” 

  Nguyen revealed that she is considering going into the training field long term. This is helping her jump start into her future career.

  Under our very own Friday night lights, trainers spend their time preparing for the big game. They start by doing tasks which include getting the water out, taping and stretching the players, and making sure to help out when needed. At other sporting events they tend to players as well. 

  These trainers play a big role in sports at Sterling High School and their work is appreciated by athletes.