Volleyball honors teachers at Quincy match


Teacher Dan Paufve joins Maggie Rowzee and Olivia Melcher on the night honoring teachers. The volleyball team brought this event back after a pause due to COVID.

  On September 29, 2022, the Sterling High School Volleyball athletes chose a teacher to walk out with before their game against Quincy. Athletes did this Teacher Night to show appreciation for the teachers. All the teachers work so hard every day so this was a time to give them the credit they deserve. The Teacher Night for S.H.S. Volleyball happened for the first time in four years, as it was halted during the pandemic. Each athlete chose a teacher that had an impact on her. Then each athlete wrote a handwritten note about the teacher they chose.

  This event happened in the S.H.S. Fieldhouse right before their volleyball game against Quincy High School. The students and teachers were announced individually and took a photo together.   

  Player Olivia Melcher chose history teacher Dan Paufve to walk out with her on Teacher Night. Dan Paufve was Olivia’s teacher her freshman year and has been her basketball coach for three years. 

  In Olivia’s note to Paufve she stated, “I chose Mr. Paufve as my teacher for teacher appreciation because he’s one of my role models…I want to thank him for always believing in me and pushing me to be better, not just in sports but in everyday life.”  When asked how being chosen by Melcher felt, Paufve claimed, “It meant a lot to me. You don’t hear a lot of kind words enough, so anytime I hear those kind words it feels good.” 

  The teachers all felt appreciated and enjoyed all the kind words from the athletes on this touching and special night.