A guy’s guide to getting ready for homecoming

  When it comes to homecoming, the day plays out differently for everyone. For most guys, minimal effort is required to get ready for this night. I will be taking you through a day in the life of a guy getting ready on homecoming day. 

  The day will start off with whatever time you wake up, it could be 9:00 a.m. but it also could be 12:00 p.m.. You will probably be waking up feeling a little rough or banged up from the night before playing football or creating some noise in the student section so you probably will find yourself waking up at a friend’s house. 

  The first thing you will do is go home and eat breakfast, typically anything your mom made or anything in the fridge because you will definitely be too tired to make anything yourself. Next you will probably want to clean up a little bit before your first productive thing in the morning, a haircut. Around 12:00 o’clock you will have a scheduled appointment with Si the barber, one of the best barbers in town.  

  The second most important task on your schedule is finding the perfect outfit to wear for this special night. You either have everything you need prepared or nothing at all. You want to avoid scrambling to find something to wear because, let’s be honest, no guy is ever fully prepared for homecoming. You have approximately three hours until pictures that will be around taken at 4:30 p.m.

  So you finally find what you’re going to wear but the next problem is that it is 4:30 and your date is upset with you because you were already supposed to be at the spot of pictures. You jump in the car and speed to the location you are taking pictures at. 

  For the rest of your night, it is really up to you for how much fun or how miserable you want the night to go. Homecoming can either be a blast with your date, friends, whoever you’re attending with, or it can be boring and awkward the whole night and dinner. 

  Your homecoming day can be different or similar to an average guy, but the experience you have of the night will be based on how you enjoy yourself.