A girl’s guide to getting ready for homecoming


  Getting ready for homecoming takes a lot of preparation for girls. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into it and it is also a lot more expensive and time consuming for girls to prepare for homecoming compared to boys.

  Some of the main things that have to be taken care of first for girls are making appointments. Making appointments can be difficult to book, because everyone is trying to get into different hair stylists and bookings to get their makeup done. You also may want to consider getting a spray tan, which looks amazing a few days after. 

 Once you get those bookings done, next comes the main part: the dress!! Finding your dress can be difficult, but so fun at the same time. For me, finding my dress was very easy this year. I tried on three dresses and the second one I knew I loved. That being said, it isn’t always so easy to find a dress.

  After finding your dress, you need to start looking for all of the accessories including shoes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and all of the good stuff! Sometimes finding accessories and trying to get them to match is difficult. This includes the right style, shine, length, height and cost. Like me with my dress, finding the right shoes is going to be hard. I am looking for short heels but still a good length. Finding what you like can be irritating to some point. 

  As the day of your homecoming gets closer, you become more anxious when you don’t have all of your stuff figured out. Once you get the appointments booked, get your dress, get all of your accessories you needed to start thinking about the night of. You have to book reservations for a restaurant, figure out where you and your group will be taking pictures at and what times these things will be at. 

  The day of your homecoming you will likely wake up a little anxious. You get up and start your day all excited and ready for what’s to come! You may want to take a shower to wash off the spray tan from nights before.

  Next, once the time that your appointments come around, you head out to the place. You get your makeup and hair done back to back then head back to your house. Once you get back to your house, you put on your dress, which is one of the best feelings of that day. Seeing everything come together and looking good is so relieving.

  After you are all ready for the big day, your date will come and pick you up. You will then leave to go take hundreds of pictures (literally) and then head to dinner and the dance to have all types of fun. Once the night is over you can take everything off and relax after a great night out.