Roscoe Eades award preview


 Every year, a girl and boy athlete at Sterling High School are chosen by the S.H.S. coaching staff for this award. These people are chosen by their involvement and contribution to sports throughout their high school career. This award is such an honor because only two people from the entire class get the award. 

  Last year’s winners were Nick Simester, Breelyn Borum, and Alexis Rodriguez. Semester played football and wrestled throughout his four years at S.H.S. He was a three-year starter for the football team and a great wrestler. They ended up awarding two senior girls because of how involved and talented these two were. Breelyn Borum played volleyball and basketball. Alexis Rodriguez did the same two sports. These two won two state volleyball championships together and were in favor to win a third if it wasn’t for the pandemic. 

  The 2020 winners were Cooper Williman and Grace Gould. Willman played football, basketball and baseball and was a standout in all three. He made all-state honorable mention for football. Gould played volleyball, basketball and softball. She is also a two time state champion in volleyball.

  The 2019 winners were Isaiah Ryan and Grace’s older sister, Gretchen Gould. Ryan played football, basketball, and track. He was first team all state for football. Gould played volleyball, basketball, and softball. She won one state championship in her time at S.H.S. 

  In 2018, Jake Gebhardt and Tyler Willman both won it, along with Erin Long. Gebhardt went to Indiana University to run track and cross country, while Willman was a great athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. Long did cross country, swimming and track. She is currently running track at AUB. 

  The Roscoe Eades award is an amazing award and we are all very excited to see who brings it home this year.