Entertainment Review: “The Batman”


  “The Batman” marks the beginning of a new direction for Batman movies. Nearly three hours in length, customers get their money’s worth when watching it in the theaters.

  “The Batman” is a unique thriller movie unlike any other superhero movies out there as of right now. It’s a pretty dark film. The themes are dark, a lot of the lighting is dark throughout, and the characters are dark. Gotham is portrayed as gross and corrupt throughout the movie, and it seems like all of the important characters have some sort of trauma or backstory that stems from the city.  This movie has a very different style from the “Dark Knight” trilogy. 

  This movie takes place just a few years after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, so he’s not the most skilled superhero just yet. Public opinion on him is mixed because he hasn’t established a reputation yet at this point in the movie, which creates an interesting dynamic because some people like him and some people think he’s dangerous. It’s pretty cool to see in the movie.

  Robert Pattinson stars as the Batman, and he does a really good job of making the character his own. I was pleasantly surprised by how well he did as the lead role, and his performance really elevated the movie. The story was great, the movie was visually appealing, and it was unique. Most superhero movies are upbeat and cool because the superheroes themselves are upbeat and cool, but because Batman isn’t an experienced superhero so he’s not “cool” in that aspect. There is an unmatched amount of tension in this movie that no other superhero movie has.

  At times, the movie felt more like a detective movie than a superhero movie, which is where it contrasts a lot from the “Dark Knight” trilogy. Some people might be disappointed with this difference because it ends up like less of a traditional superhero movie. I love it personally. 

  It was directed by Matt Reaves, who has directed other critically acclaimed movies such as “Cloverfield.” Reaves clearly took some inspiration from the movie “Se7en” when making “The Batman.” The movies have a lot of the same artistic styles. Both movies are very dark in theme and the detective aspect of Batman in this movie is very similar to the detectives in that movie as well. Check out “Se7en” if you watched “The Batman” and liked it.

  Overall, “The Batman” lived up to the hype. It’s a long movie, but it’s fully worth the time at the theater. You can also watch it at HBO Max once it leaves theaters. It’s a unique superhero experience and it does a good job of contrasting with the legendary “Dark Knight” trilogy.