Entertainment Review: “Jeen-Yus: A Kanye Trilogy”


Senior Sofia Rivera watches the trailer for the Kanye trilogy.

This is your sign to login to Netflix and watch “Jeen-Yus.” With his name meaning “only one” in Swahili, this film is about Kanye Omari West, a producer and songwriter. These hour and thirty minute episodes have been in the making for 22 years, Clarence Simmons Jr. (Coodie) directed this film.

Although he grew up in a broken home and was raised by a single mother, Kanye grew up to be somebody. In the first episode, he was introduced to Roc-A-Fella Records as the newest producer from Chicago. Constantly in the shadows of producing, Kanye was never recognized as a rapper. Kanye was used for his beats and for producing, when he really wanted to be recognized as a rapper.

Student Servando Diaz, who is a big Kanye fan, mentions, “I think Kanye has always envisioned himself being destined for greatness and able to achieve more. While the fame part is nice for him, that greater path is him trying to become one of the best rappers/producers/artists of all time. Matched with his influence and ability to inspire others, he was always going to try and be the best version of himself and never settle for less.”

Later in the season, Kanye faced some hardships, but continued to work hard through those tough times. He got into a car accident. However, despite his condition, Kanye created one of his biggest hits “Through the Wire” from “College Dropout.”

Watching West’s passion and motivation shine through in the darkest time was so motivating. Many people talk about West’s arrogance, but watching this documentary really shows the credit he deserves. He is always taking risks and working hard to rise to the top. On the other hand, these episodes open the doors into Kanye’s personal life. While watching Kanye develop a mental health disorder, some of the episodes can be a bit disturbing viewing his bipolar episodes and outbursts. Whether you are a fan of Kanye or not, this show is good for everyone. The message behind the show is inspirational and just shows how people with little resources can make something good of themselves.

“I just sat back and decided that I’m gonna be the best…the best…dressed rapper in the game” (West).