The sun came out with S.H.S.’s performance of Annie


  It was not a “hard knock life” for Sterling High School as they brought “Annie-The Musical” to life in February. 

  The “Annie” performance was nothing short of fabulous. The characters were played perfectly, and the music numbers were perfectly executed. With a small cast this year, many people played more than one part. For example, the girls who played the orphans played as background people in other scenes. 

  Many of the main cast had to step up their performances in order to balance out the small cast. Whether it was her sarcastic remarks, her awful flirting, and her awfully heavy drinking habits, Miss Hannigan played by senior Jenica Francis drew the audience in for a good laugh. 

  “My favorite thing about this character was the fact that I have never gotten the opportunity to play a character like Miss Hannigan. Being able to be the eccentric villain was a lot of fun,” said J. Francis. 

  Senior Logan Moreno showed Mr. Warbucks’ sensitive and tough side throughout the play had our heartstrings pulling. 

  “What was special about this show was that it was the last one for me, I spent the past four years working hard to get to where I am, and this show was a good way to cap off my high school theater career,” shared Logan Moreno. 

  Annie, played by freshman Brinley Francis, helped set the image of a sweet optimistic 11-year old. Through the play, Annie helped many characters have a better outlook on life. 

  “I would always go to see the shows that SHS put on when I was younger, so the fact that I got to be a lead in one is surreal. [It was] definitely the most rewarding feeling and I loved every minute of it,” said B. Francis 

  The bond seen between the characters of Ms. Hannigan and Annie was another impeccable part of the musical. With the natural sisterly bond between Jenica and Brinley, the sisters did a tremendous job at teasing, fighting, and making fun of each other throughout the show. 

    It’s sad to say that this will be the last play for our seniors at S.H.S., due to not having a summer play this year. The play was well executed, and a great way to spend a Friday night!