Reviewing FFA Week


Sophomore Jacquelynn Posternack holds the first emu that hatched on the Monday following FFA week. we have now had two emus hatch.

  With FFA still being in full swing, they are celebrating and hosting many events within the next month or so. 

  All of the United States, with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands included, celebrated yet another FFA week. This year was the 75th annual FFA week full of many activities and celebrations. FFA handed out teacher application boxes on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, FFA students sold Culver’s custard to the student body. Every day of the week, there was a trivia question that students were to answer to win a prize. 

  Towards the end of FFA week, the first emu egg hatched. At the end of January, Sterling FFA had a total of six emu eggs in the incubator. Three of them have been scheduled to hatch towards the end of March. The emu eggs came from a farm that raises and breeds emus. has connections to the owners. 

  Agriculture teacher Megan Stanley says, “The owners and operations where the emus are located is Cathe and Randy Harve. They have been raising emus for five years but have only been incubating emu eggs the past two years. You can also make an appointment to visit the farm by contacting Cathe and Randy through their Facebook page: Sink Hollow Farm.”  

  At the February chapter meeting, members gathered in the Ag Mechanics shop. They had a potluck, where different people brought different foods. They had many different games to play and talked about planning upcoming events that would take place. 

  Some upcoming events that were discussed were the Culver’s work night for FFA members, FFA members signing up to go read to first graders at Jefferson, and FFA members going to Springfield to talk to legislation and hopefully have the ability to view the Illinois state capitol building. 

  This year, Sterling has the ability to host their annual Farmapalooza. Last year due to COVID restrictions, members were not able to host a Farmapalooza, so they want to make this year’s event the most memorable. At Farmapalooza, FFA members come up with different booths that explain different aspects of agricultural life. Farmapalooza will be held on May 12, and suggestions from students and staff for what they would like to see at Farmapalooza is very much appreciated. 

  President of S.H.S. FFA sophomore Brady Shank states, “Our FFA will be able to host our annual Farmapalooza in the spring, there will be tractors, animals, booths for different companies in the area related to Agriculture, and plenty of fun for the little ones. We look forward to seeing everyone this year to make it the best turn out we have seen in years!”

  FFA has many events coming up and would love if people would come support them as they teach others about agriculture.