Entertainment review: Tyler, the Creator


 Tyler, the Creator started the “Call Me If You Get Lost” tour on February 10, 2022, in San Diego, California. He was joined by Kali Uchiz, Vince Staples, and Teezo Touchdown for 34 performances all around the United States and Canada. 

 Tyler performed at the United Center in Chicago February 22. Everyone who was able to attend would most definitely say it was one of the best nights of their lives.

  The overall environment was welcoming. Many of the people we interacted with were very friendly and seemed trustworthy. Tyler was able to bring together a huge group of people that all had the same common interest, and to my surprise, one of my favorite Youtubers and Vine stars, Danny Gonzales happened to be there. 

  The stage crew definitely put a lot of effort into making all the songs and performances really come together. Teezo Touchdown had a workshop place set up to go along with his construction worker outfit. Kali Uchiz had four back-up dancers dressed in the same color as her, and of course she had her big hat. 

  Tyler’s performance obviously was the most intensive for the stage crew, with flashy lights and huge pieces of equipment. On the stage, they set up a mansion that Tyler could walk inside of and a sea-foam green 1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith, which he would appear on the stage in. A couple songs in, Tyler moves across the floor in some type of speed boat and goes onto the other platform which is filled with dead grass.

  He really went all out for his last couple songs which were off the Igor album; “Earfquake” and “New Magic Wand.” There were sparks falling from the top of the stage and shots of fire coming up from the floor. 

  Though all the special effects were really cool, the most appealing part of the performance was how interactive Tyler was with the crowd. At every single performance, he always finds something different to say at every location. Without a doubt, I recommend showing up to his next performance around 2024.