Why Pub?

See what you can gain from joining publications


   Publications is much more than just your average yearbook/newspaper class. You may just expect to come in and do nothing but write articles and take pictures, I can assure you’re in for much more. The best part is you don’t have to have any prior knowledge to be a part of the Pub family. Pub will teach you everything you need to know and is overall a very fun way to be involved.  As well as knowing what is going on around the school, in the community. 

  Pub currently is a first hour class, which means one less open hour, but believe it or not, it is definitely worth it. Something we’re currently doing to start the mornings off is having different themes for each day and playing songs according to the theme. It’s a very easy start to your day, considering you’re not having to do anything too tedious. 

  This is my first year at S.H.S. Coming into my senior year, I was nervous about meeting new people. However, if it weren’t for me making a last minute decision to join Pub, I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends and current boyfriend as soon as I did. “Pubmance” is a real thing, but if you join Pub you’ll find out on your own of course. 

  Some people enjoy Pub so much that they take it for multiple years. Senior Marisa Salmon is one of those students who joined publications as a junior and stayed with it during her senior year. Salmon said, “I’ve gained a sense as to why this class is so important. We’re all going to look back at the yearbook for many years to come and I really wanted to be a part of creating that. You really get to work with a group of amazing people who share the same goal and it feels like being a part of another family.”

  While of course there is responsibility that comes with being a Pub member, such as your weekly photographer of the day assignments, making sure your assigned spread is done by the deadline, and writing articles for “The Warrior Word.” However this small work load is well worth the experiences that come along with being a part of this family.  

  So as long as you can be a team player, collaborate well with others, and make your deadlines, you’ll do great. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re creating something that will be remembered for years to come.