What not to do junior year

  Junior year can be a stressful time, but it’s still important to focus on the future.

  •  Do not fall behind on work

  Junior year has the biggest workload of any year. Falling even a little behind puts you in a position to struggle the rest of the year. Freshman through junior years are when your GPA matters the most. Staying focused and on top of your work is the best way to ensure that your grades and GPA don’t suffer underneath the heavy workload of junior year.

  •   Do not put college on the back burner

  Though there is still one more year left of high school after junior year, it’s still important to start at least thinking about college. You don’t have to decide what college you want to go to, but looking for options that appeal to you now can help make the picking process easier during senior year. Right now is the ideal time to also start nailing down what career path you would like to go down.

  •   Do not make teachers hate you

  While junior year can be stressful, don’t take your frustration out on your teachers. Teachers are a key component in your success when trying to get into college, with them writing the majority of letters of recommendation for students. 

  •   Do not forget to get involved

  Sterling High School has many activities and clubs that will be beneficial to students for the future. While also staying focused on school work, try and be a participant in at least one club. There are clubs that volunteer in the community, help set up school events, and raise money for the school. If there is no time for clubs, then every once in a while show up to a sporting event or play to support your peers. 

  •   Do not let yourself get overwhelmed

  In the stress and chaos of junior year, it’s easy to lose yourself in the midst of everything. Make sure you’re taking enough time for yourself so that you can destress and stay motivated to keep working through the various stressors of junior year. This develops a strong, and healthy habit of taking care of yourself during stressful and challenging times.

  Finish junior year knowing that most of the heavy lifting is done.