Entertainment Review: Wordle

  The new, upcoming game that everyone is talking about is “Wordle.” This game is free and can be found on New York Times’ website. 

  “Wordle” is a word-guessing game. Every day there is a new five letter word and the player gets six tries to get it right. The game will tell you whether the letters are used and in the right spot. If the letter is in the correct position, then the box will turn green. If the letter is used in the word, then the box around the letter will turn yellow.

  Senior Cameron Taylor shared, “I love the challenge of only having six chances to get it right. It really makes you think about how and what you’re guessing.”

  This game is wonderful, however, being able to only play once a day is kind of annoying. This game is addicting and makes a player feel smart when guessed in the least amount of guesses. It is a competitive game among friends. 

  English teacher Jennifer Drew mentioned, “Wordle has been beneficial as it allows me an opportunity to communicate more with family members that I might not typically communicate with daily. We are pretty competitive so it has been fun to play against them. It’s also a great way to start my day as I usually play when I am blow drying my hair.”

  Other word games are not as competitive nor a daily event. “Wordle” is the only word game that happens once a day. 

  This is definitely a hit. It is very much a game that is worth your time since it challenges you to think outside of the box. 

  Senior Jenica Francis stated, “Wordle has been beneficial to me! It is interesting that such a simple game can spark motivation in people but I know that for me, Wordle is something I look forward to every day and it gives me motivation to get to the next day to play it again!”

  “Wordle” is a free game. However, if it did cost money, it would be worth a couple bucks. A good competition is beneficial once in a while if not daily. 

  Tomorrow or even today, think about spending your time guessing the “Wordle” of the day.